Founder and Lead Coach

Adam Brack

Adam Brack knew early in his life that he wanted to teach. He began his professional golf teaching career at age of 16 at the Sweetwater Country Club in Sugar Land, Texas. His passion and natural instincts for the game, along with a hardy work ethic, drove Adam to pass the PGA players ability test by the age 19. Adam taught his first professional golf lesson at the age of 20.

Adam relocated to Panama City Beach, Florida in 1999 to work as golf professional at Marriotts Bay Point Resort. His calm, easy to understand demeanor has captured the hearts and games of a large percentage of the membership and guests of the resort. Since making this move, he has become an important addition to the professional golf community.

Adam began his full time teaching career while working alongside Martin Green at the Hombre Golf Club, and was the Director of Instruction for the Top 25 golf schools by Golf Magazine in the nation. After 4 years of such honors, Adams professional career grew again when he accepted the lead role of the golf academy from Martin. In this new role, he created The Academy at Hombre Golf, by Experiencing Better Golf with Adam Brack. The academy consists of an all-weather learning center AboutGolf simulator with two hitting bays, V1 video analysis center, retail area, classroom and a NEW INDOOR GOLF GYM by Life Fitness and TPI.

"There is no mystery to the golf swing. Golf instruction should be simple, engaging and rewarding at any age. I'll show you how to Experience Better Golf."

Adam continues his professional commitment to learning golf instruction from the best in the business. In 2007, Bobby Clampett, former US Amateur Champion, PGA tour pro and popular CBS golf commentator, awarded Adam his first The Impact Zone certification, Bobby's golfing technique that focuses how to properly strike the ball, from putting to driver.

In the last few years, Adam has continued to build relationships with his clients, members of the community and focused his extra time at working with our nations youth. He and his staff have become First Tee certified and will be teaching these classes. Adam teaches a summer camp for youth with various dates over the summer, has an after school small group youth program and has experienced great success. He has current and former students that have full college golf scholarships that he began teaching when they were as young as five years old.

There are 3 things that effect the golfer today.
1. Their physical ability to swing in balance. We address this with our TPI program and easy to understand exercises they can do in the comfort of their home.
2. The equipment plays a much larger role in golf than people realize. Get the right tool and this creates more yardage, higher ball flight and more balance in the swing.
3. The knowledge on how to play the game. There is so much contradictory information in this game and it confuses people. At our academy, we are usually taking information out of the brain rather than loading with so much more.

Career Highlights

  • Teaching Professional 1999
  • Top 25 Golf Schools since 2002
  • Yes! Certified Putting Instructor and Custom Fitter
  • Henry Griffitts Master Club Fitter Certified 2004
  • Director of Adam Brack Experience Better Golf 2005
  • SNAG Golf Coaching Certified 2006
  • US Kids Golf Instructor 2005
  • Impact Zone Certified Instructor, Bobby Clampett Golf 2007
  • Henry Griffitts Clubs Certified Instructor
  • Guest Instructor at Kadena AFB, Okinawa Japan 2006 - 2010
  • Guest Instructor at Missouri Military Academy, Missouri 2009 - Current
  • Guest Instructor at St. Joseph Island, Ontario 2010 - 2013
  • Panama City Beach Chamber Member, 2012
  • Titleist Performance Institute Level 1, Body and Swing Connection 2015
  • Titleist Performance Institute Level 2, Junior Coach 2015
  • Certified Seemore Custom Fitting Center, 2015


Associate Instructors

Meet the team members who have contributed immensely to our growth

Cameron Fish

Associate Instructor
  • #1 at Arnold High School
  • Won the Daily News this year with a 73, 74.
  • Adam started working with Cameron at the age of 6 and she's already giving back to junior golf, teaching Coaching programs since 2012

Gavin livingston

Associate Instructor
  • University of West Florida
  • Has been teaching with Experience Better Golf Academy since 2012
  • Our senior instructor for junior golf development programs

David Cantu

Associate Instructor
  • Has been a member of Hombre Golf Club for 10 years and has taken a vital role in teaching/ coaching academy students.
  • Great with Juniors, beginners, and intermediate players.

Anika Story

Associate Instructor
  • Titleist Performance Certified and is the academy's director of the Fitness and Functional Movement operation of the EBG Academy.

Steven Johnson

Associate Instructor
  • #1 at Bay High School and has been training and teaching with Adam since he was 8 years old

Taylor Moody

Associate Instructor
  • Has been training with Adam since she was 7 years old and has been coaching the 5-10 year old junior programs for 3 years now.

Rachael Switzer

Academy's Operations, Sales/ Marketing, Group Sales

Ken Loen

Titleist Performance Institute - Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Ken Loen is a golf strength & conditioning specialist and has been with the academy for 3 years. Ken was a former professional football player as well a former high school football head coach, specializes in training rotary athletes, biomechanics, physical assessments and functional strength training.

He believes basing a golf swing on what players can do biomechanically is the only way to long term improvement. Ken has been a consultant for many athletes, he is also an avid golfer and is TPI certified in Fitness, Power Coach, Golf Mechanics, and Movement Assessments.